IDS Code of Conduct

Article I - Officers and Ranks

The Council

The Council is the primary law making entity of Instant Death Squad, and all powers given to it in the Code are exclusive to the Council.

-The Council has the sole authority to kick/ban players as long as it follows the rules of “Kicking and Banning” clause.
- Council members must be in the Clan for at least total of 6 months before being appointed to council.
- Council members must be proven to be responsible members and have never broken the Member Conduct under Article II of the constitution.
- There are never to be more than 11 council members at one time.
- New council members are to be appointed by the either one of the 3 most senior members of the council, and after discussion as to their credentials and if they fit the criteria laid forth by the Code, are to be voted onto the council by a Majority Vote.
- Council Members who have violated Member Conduct under Article II can be removed from the council by a ¾ vote of the Council.
- Council have the right to amend any rules at any time.
- Council members are responsible for the maintenance of the Instant Death Squad website.
- The Council has input into the Ranking of IDS members, with the ultimate power going to the Retention Office.
- Council members are authorized to make laws that protect their right to be the primary lawmaking power of Instant Death Squad.
- The Council and its members are the official Liason to outside Clans/Communities/Organizations/Companies that come into contact with Instant Death Squad.

Retention Office

The Retention Office and subsequent officers are the Members most primarily in charge of recruiting and observance of new members who are going through their trail period. All powers under granted under the Code of Conduct to the Retention Office are exclusive powers to the respective office.

- The Retention office has the authority to accept/reject applications.
- The Retention office will enforce but not be only limited to enforce all criteria recognized by the application process.
- The Retention office has the sole authority to amend the application criteria.
- The Retention office holds the ultimate decision when dealing with Clan Ranks.
- The Retention office has the power to amend the Code to carry out the powers granted by the Code.
- Removal of a Retention officer for violating the Member Conduct Clause is to be administered by a ¾ vote by the Council

Enforcement Office

The Enforcement office and subsequent officers are primarily responsible for enforcement of Member Conduct and general Clan Rules. Member Conduct is primarily but not limited to what is set forth by the Member Conduct Clause. The Enforcement office has the authority to enforce the entire Code and police the Instant Death Squad Website as it sees fit.

- The Enforcement office has the authority to recommend a member of the Retention office or the Council be removed.
- Enforcement Officers can bypass the Kick/Ban Clause and outright ban a player if their offense warrants such action.
- The removal of an enforcement officer for violating the Member Conduct is to be a ¾ vote by the Council.

Recruitment Office

Members on the Recruitment team will be tasked with:

- updating recruitment posts on various websites
- creating new recruitment posts
- coming up with new interesting idea to help recruit new members

Squad Leaders

- Squad Leaders have sole power the squad they lead, they wish can appointment a co leader but this is not mandatory.
- Squad Leader's commanding officer are the Division Leaders and must follow all choices they may make.
- Squad Leaders must follow the code at all times and ensuring their team follow in this good example.
- Squad Leaders can only have a member removed if they have broken one or more of our terms.

Article II - General Rules/Misc Rules


Good behaviour is expected of Instant Death Squad members at all times. With that said, if any member is found behaving in an abusive manner to any other player, an investigation will be held. If a player has been found to have abused other players (whether by swearing, offensive comments or insults), he/she will be suspended from the clan for a period of time, or if a lesser offense will be given a warning. We ask members not to make topics based on Religious and/or Political matters. 

Do not create a Gamertag, Motto, or Bio That References Controversial Religious Topics, Notorious People, Organizations, or Sensitive Current or Historical Events that may also be Considered Inappropriate."Trolling" is not accepted.
Posting of offensive/bad taste pictures is prohibited

Clan membership

- You are not permitted to be in another clan whilst being a member of IDS. This includes if you have multiple gamertags.
- YOU as a PERSON are counted as one person. Multiple people on a singular tag are only considered by the Council which MUST be mentioned.
- Your Gamertag MUST match the username you use on the forum.


Recruits are required but not limited to abide by these criteria during their trial as set forth by the Retention Office:

- Be moderatley active on our forums, and on XBL throughout your trial period.
- Wear your [IDSr] clan tag at all times! ( once your trial period ends, you switch to [IDS] )
- Be kind and respectful to all members above your rank.
- Achieve at least 20 posts by the end of the 2 week trial or as many sees fit by the Retention office


A kick or ban is to be initiated after the breaking of a law set forth by the Code. They range in severity:

1st offence: A warning will be sent to you via forums and written format on XBL

2nd offence: demotion by 1 rank(unless its a probation period in which case its immediate removal from the clan and automatic banning from the forums)

3rd offence: demotion 2 ranks below current rank

4th offence: automatic dismissal from the clan with no option for return at a later date no matter the circumstances or reason behind the aforementioned behaviour.


To be included into our ranks you must pass our 2 week trial. Those wishing to join will be evaluated by the whole clan, and judged not only on skill, but also on enthusiasm, teamwork, fair play and integrity.


We do not encourage any type of alteration of any game, but we will not suspend or ban a player who does it.

 Any type of alteration/mod/cheat/glitch during an official tournament, scrim, or clan practice will result in a warning/suspension/ban.

Active Role in the Clan

Members are expected to have an active role in the clan. This includes reading and posting on the clan forums, keeping in contact (via instant messengers or other means) with other members, playing regularly and attending clan gatherings. While it is not always possible to attend every gathering, it is considered polite to inform other members when you cannot attend.

 You Are To Wear Your Clan Tag At All Times. IDS for members who have passed their 2 week trial, IDSr for recruits

General Fair Play

This is expected, as no one wants to play a game that is unfair and not fun. If you are unsure as to what constitutes unfair play, ask others. 

No tubes during clan practices, or public lobby's that have a majority of IDS members in it.

Leaving/Returning to Instant Death Squad

Players who have left Instant Death Squad for any reason in the past are allowed to rejoin. They will be subject to a Special Vote (Majority) by the Council. All Vote Decisions are final and are expected to be respected by the clan at all times.

If a player who has rejoined the clan is kicked for a second time, under no circumstances will he/she will be allowed back in. * Unless said player left in good standing both times.*

Chatbox Rules

- No graphic references to sexual acts or graphic references to sexual acts involving members. It is recommended that you refrain from posting such dialog in public chat so that members are not offended directly or indirectly.

- No harassment of any members. If you or someone else is being harassed, please report the person to council and, if possible, include a screenshot of the offence.

-Only links and text are allowed in the Chatbox

-There will be no spamming of pictures or videos in the chat-box. All pictures and videos can be posted in the Media section of the forums or via private messages.

-Any obscene media posted onto the chatbox (or elsewhere) in any form is strictly forbidden and can be seen as a violation of the "Good Behaviour" Clause, which will result in action from the Enforcement squad.

- No discussion of piracy in any form.

Article III - Legal Notice

IDS Branded Assets

- The "IDS" logo, skull and text are owned and protected by copyright. Use of the logo in any means is prohibited unless given direct permission from IDS Gaming. All original content, including the logo, is ©Instant Death Squad.

- Squad Names, Tournament Events and other IDS branded assets cannot be used without direct permission from Instant Death Squad.

User Created Content

- Individual user created content is copyrighted to the respective owner. Content created cannot be used on other mediums unless permitted by the copyright holder. Assets* within Instant Death Squad's ownership cannot be transferred outside the community.