Code of Conduct
Updated 2015.09.15

At IDS, we expect that all members read through our code of conduct and abide by the rules at all times. The goal of this code is to create a civil, safe and enjoyable environment for all of our members. Failure to follow these guidelines, could result in a demotion, loss of access or ban from our site.

Table of contents:
  • Clan membership
  • Boot camp period
  • General Behavior
  • Cheating
  • Chatbox and Forum rules
  • Trolling, clan drama and Flaming / Flame wars
  • Leaving/Returning to Instant Death Squad
  • Copyright: IDS Branded Assets
  • Copyright: User created content

Clan membership

- You are not permitted to be in another clan whilst being a member of IDS. This includes if you have multiple gamertags.
- YOU as a PERSON are counted as one person. Multiple people on a singular tag are only considered by the Council which MUST be mentioned.
- Your Gamertag/Steam Name MUST match the username you use on the forum* The Council can refuse the right of a name if found breaching our CoC

Boot camp period

Recruits are required but not limited to abide by these criteria during their trial as set forth by the Retention Office:

- Be moderatley active on our forums, and your chosen division throughout your trial period.
- Wear your [IDSr] clan tag at all times! ( once your trial period ends, you switch to [IDS] )
- Be kind and respectful to all members above your rank.
- Achieve an intro post by the end of the 1 week trial

General Behavior

Good behavior is expected of Instant Death Squad members at all times. The following will not be tolerated:

- Racism
- Sexism
- Homophobic statements towards other members
- Harassment of members(directly or passive aggressively)

Sensitive subjects
We also ask that members do not make topics, or chat conversations, based on Religious and/or Political matters. 

Do not create a gamertag, Motto, or bio that references controversial religious topics, notorious people, organizations, or sensitive current or historical events that may also be considered inappropriate.

Personal issues, disputes and relationships

The forums and chat will not be used to rant about your personal issues, personal disputes or personal relationships with other members. These matters are your business and are not acceptable for our website.


At IDS, we have a reputation of respect and good sportsmanship, whether it is in random games or clan v clan. To maintain this image, we do not tolerate the following:

- Exploiting a bug for your own personal gain. This includes boosting and exploiting map bugs (i.e an unreachable part of a map that allows you to rack kills / win matches).

- Modding or altering a game

- Modding controllers

- Changing teams to help an IDS team win (i.e team switching and killing the other team)

Chatbox and Forum Rules

- No graphic references to sexual acts or graphic references to sexual acts involving members. It is recommended that you refrain from posting such dialog in public chat so that members are not offended directly or indirectly.

- No harassment of any members. If you or someone else is being harassed, please report the person to council and, if possible, include a screenshot of the offense.

-Any obscene media posted on the site in any form is strictly forbidden and can be seen as a violation of the "Good Behavior" Clause, which may void your membership here.

- No discussion of piracy in any form.

- No flaming of members directly or passive aggressively. If you have personal issues with members, keep it to yourself or take it up with the individual. If the said issue cannot be resolved, please report the member to enforcement.

Trolling, Clan Drama and Flaming / Flame wars

At IDS we do not tolerate what is known as trolling, 'clan drama' or "flame wars".

Def. Make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.

We take this seriously, members found trolling other members will risk voiding their membership here (breaks our good behavior guidelines above).

Clan Drama

Clan drama is a term we use for the following situations:
- Creating "alliances" and rifts within the community (us against them)
- Trolling members of any rank

These forms of hostility will not be tolerated at IDS.

Flaming / Flame wars

What is "flaming"?

- Attacking or harassing another member
- Making a thread that attacks another member
- Making abusive comments i.e "You suck at that game"
- Making passive aggressive comments that are abusive i.e "Some people have no skill and just use this gun"

Attacking a member directly, or passive aggressively, will not be tolerated.

Leaving/Returning to Instant Death Squad

Players who have left Instant Death Squad for any reason in the past are allowed to rejoin. They will be subject to a Special Vote (Majority) by the Council.
Returning members must wait 30 days from leaving IDS before submitting a new application.
Applications made prior to this will be automatically denied.
All Vote Decisions are final and are expected to be respected by the clan at all times.

IDS Branded Assets

- The "IDS" logo, skull and text are owned and protected by copyright. Use of the logo in any means is prohibited unless given direct permission from IDS Gaming. All original content, including the logo, is ©Instant Death Squad.

- Squad Names, Tournament Events and other IDS branded assets cannot be used without direct permission from Instant Death Squad.

User Created Content

- Individual user created content is copyrighted to the respective owner. Content created cannot be used on other mediums unless permitted by the copyright holder. Assets* within Instant Death Squad's ownership cannot be transferred outside the community.