Welcome to Instant Death Squad (IDS). Below are some things to help you during your two week trial. Your trial is very important and will determine if you become a full member of IDS.

Remaining active is replying to existing threads, posting new threads, chatting with others in the chatbox, and most importantly, playing games with other clan members. While all of these aren't necessary everyday or all of them all of the time, they help us to determine if you are really going to be part of the IDS community. Some of us do all of these things and others do some of them.

Achieving around 20 posts is again part of being active. Reply to existing threads or post new threads throughout your trial to show you want to be part of the community. Posting to 20 threads very quickly and not being seen again during your trial is not suggested. It is suggested that you have meaningful posts while on your trial and not just reply quickly with a couple of words to get the 20 posts accomplished. While it is required that you achieve around 20 posts, feel free to post more often. Posting welcome messages to other recruits during your trial period will not count toward your 20 posts. Do not double post on threads at any time.

The chatbox is open to you during your trial and you should feel free to enter into chat and get to know as many people as possible. Chat about anything you want but be respectful of everyone all of the time. You can post links here as well, simply copy the link, paste it in the chat entry line, and click send. However, nothing obscene or offensive can be linked. Do not link anything that is not from a secure trusted site at any time.

We pride ourselves on respecting each and every clan member at all times. None of us agree with everyone, their opinions, or their preferences all of the time but we always have respect for each other. Do not use offensive words, terms, names, racial slurs, or say anything you wouldn't want said to you. We expect our members to be good sports and be respectful of all players in all of the games we play. If other people start trash talking and berating other players, refrain from doing so. You will be wearing IDS tags at all times and will be representing IDS at all times, so it is never good to act disrespectful. Please keep these things in mind during your trial and after. You will be asked to leave the community if this is not adhered to.

Please go to the proper location for the games you play and put on your new clan tags. They are to be [IDSr] and are to be worn at all times. If you need help with this, send a private message to your retention officer, or to an admin of your game division. After your trial is over, your name will appear green and you can then remove the 'r' from your tags and join a squad.

The IDS Site

While some of the tabs are self explanatory, take a look at all of them.
-The code of conduct is on the drop-down menu under the IDS letters on the left side of the navigation bar.
-The ranking structure is under the IDS letters on the left side of the navigation bar. It shows all ranking information.
-The events calendar is also on the drop down menu under the IDS letters on the nav bar. It shows all upcoming events, tournaments, meetings, etc.
-Below your name is 'account' click here to go to your account and edit it if you wish.
-To the right of the chatbox is an event timer. It shows a list of upcoming events and counts down to their start time.

You can click on your name anywhere on the site and go to your wall. Your wall is where you post things you want to share without making a thread. All of your friends will see the post on your wall and can comment or vote for it if they want. You can post your mood, pictures, videos, links, etc. You can share with others the games you play. Post pictures (Nothing obscene or offensive) of yourself and anything that interests you. You can add website friends and see all of your friends as well. You can go to anyone's wall by clicking on their name anywhere on the site. On their wall you can send them private messages, invite them to a private chat, or even post to their wall. Do not link anything that is not from a secure trusted site at any time.

The Council
The council is the group of members that are the highest rank achievable in IDS. They are in charge of the community as a whole. The Council have full authority over all matters in the Clan including, but not limited to, decision making, accepting new Members, removing Members from the Clan, enforcing rules, promoting Members and creating Clan Match Teams for Gamebattles or private Clan Matches.

The current council members are:
Enraged Diablo
Electr1c Dre4mS

Below are the 4 main divisions of IDS. In each one there are the people who can vouch for you, the administrators of each division, important threads, and other information. Please take the time to look through the division for your main game(s) and browse through that division's forum. It is suggested that you spend some time looking through the threads of your applicable division's info forum for information on that division's rules/practice times/roster/etc.

Call of Duty Division

Division Administration
La Peann(360)
UwishUhadA Duck(XB1)

Squad Leaders

High Ranking Players
XB1 - xOSXSIERx, setimodiel, Death Ravin, lla1804hitman
360 - aM Buttxns, Ikedog77, Skateswim3, Swordfish31
PS4 - Cubanmilkshake, Sybernectictiger

Division Meet Ups
XB1 - Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm EST(12am GMT)
360 - Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm EST(12am GMT)
PS4 - None yet scheduled.

Clan Wars Battles - Platinum Clan - Every 2 weeks between 7 - 11pm EST

Important Thread Links
Call of Duty Division - Roster
Call of Duty Division - Rules and Regulations
Call of Duty Division - Clan Tag Policy

Battlefield Division

Division Administration
ids Meatsicle(XB1)
Raging Lion13(XB1)

Squad Leaders
Squad 13(XB1) - Enraged Diablo
Avidity(PS4) - Reggieballs

High Ranking Players
XB1 - AT Slayer, Mastadon31, ElecTr1c Dre4mS, Enraged Diablo
360 - atlasroar, philipalanoneal
PS4 - ColdoMac_

Division Meet Ups
XB1 - Sundays @ 2pm & 9pm EST
360 - None yet scheduled.
PS4 - Fridays & Sundays @ 8pm EST

Important Thread Links
Battlefield Division - Roster
Battlefield Division - Division & Squad Handbook
Battlefield Division - In Game Behavior

Halo Division

Division Administration
LemurInDisguise, AmonAmarth90, FallenKnight702

Squad Leaders

High Ranking Players
BUSHofE, DrOins, Atsuma171, SapperPrime70, La Peann, rarestplague19

Division meet ups
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 - 8pm EST (12 - 1am GMT)

Important Thread Links
Halo Division - Roster
Halo Division - Recruit Info

League of Legends Division

Division Administration
IDS Rain

Squad Leaders
Valiant Shield(NA) - ForeverFX
Instant Supremecy(EUW) - S1rRagealot

High Ranking Players
(NA) - LemurInDisguise, Rarestplague19, Jamula
(EUW) - Akemicat, Merkovo, HoboErotic, vTedz, Stefanthejackal
Division meet ups
Thursdays @ 8pm EST (NA Server)
Sundays @ 2pm EST (EUW Server)

Important Thread Links
LoL Division - Roster
LoL Division - IGNs
League of Legends to IDS

We welcome you to our community and want you to succeed at passing your trial. Please don't hesitate to join a group of IDS playing any game, you are more than welcome, no invite needed. If there is anything you need during this time please send a private message to your retention officer. Please feel free to ask common simple questions to anyone and not just your retention officer. We are all here to help you become a full member of Instant Death Squad. We wish you good luck and success with your trial.